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Do you have complete clarity about your properties and tenants?
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Do you have complete clarity?

The service you are provided by high street letting agents tends to be woefully poor and if everything runs smoothly the agent is happy to take your money. When things go wrong most agents back off and leave it up to you to sort out the mess. You tend not to have the required information and tools to quickly and effectively manage the problems. At the end of a tenancy the tenants require a reference and you have the deliberation of a poor reference will not get the tenant out swiftly but a good reference will have repercussions to you from the next landlord.

Do you pay your profits across to a letting agent?
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Who gets your profits?

As a landlord you will understand the importance of maximising your profitability whilst retaining complete control over your investment. You want the convenience of someone managing your property without the cost implications you are forced to pay. With ever growing costs of letting fees, management fees and repair uplifts being charged by the high street letting agent looking to make £1000 per property each and every year. This is compounded when you have multiple properties to manage and on average in the UK Landlords have 7.1 properties each, so several thousands of pounds profit lost each year.

Do you spend hours updating spreadsheets to formulate your tax return?
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Do you struggle with your tax return?

Tax returns can be a very time consuming business and getting the relevant information about income and expenditure on your investments can sometimes be difficult. Understanding what can be claimed against the profits from the properties is also difficult to comprehend and changes in legislation and tax can make this task overwhelming. This could lead to an under claim and loss of profit or a large accountancy bill to make sure you have maximised your profits.

Do you worry about handing over your mobile number to tenants and tradesmen?
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Should you give your mobile number out?

Communication is key in every business but this could not be any more relevant in the relationship between Landlord and Tenant. The Tenant sees the property as home and wants living there to be relaxing and joyful. You want happy tenants who pay the rent on time and keeps the property in a good condition looking after your investment as if it was their own. If the tenant has niggles about the property that could be quickly and easily managed things don’t build up and the relationship does not break down. This gives better longevity to the tenancy and keeps any void periods down to a minimum.

Does Property Maintenance fill you with dread?
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Is maintenance a nightmare?

Property Maintenance is much more than just an annual "Gas Safety Certificate" but the ability to find a reliable trustworthy contractor to carry out work on your properties. To be able to ask multiple contractors for quotes and manage the project from start to finish. From the tenant raising an issue to the contractor finishing a repair can take time and effort, but this can be managed well and reduce the headache. We live in a technological world where everything is expected instantly and a high street letting agent tend to concentrate on customers who cause them the most problems, so you have to make a fuss to get to the top of the work pile.

So, what exactly is the deal here?
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Want to create a better solution?

We are running a landlord focus group to discuss and show our Mobile Property Management Software and Property Portal. The only way to get on board it is to subscribe to our service. Purchase the app* before September 30th and you will get access to the focus group and to our property management system as well as advertising on our property portal for just £1 for more than fourteen months, VAT free.

We are limiting the number of available places to the first 3,200 applicants — SO DON'T DELAY


We offer secure messaging between all parties, AST and section notices, star rating, online access to the database and repairs integration. The full system will be live on 31st October when tenants will be able to start applying for properties. All tenants will be double-checked when applying for properties to ensure you know who you are letting to.

* Offer is available to the first 3,200 applicants who decide to join before 30/09/2016, where a one-off purchase of our Mobile Property Management Software — costing just £25 — entitles the applicant to full use of our online facilities up until the 31/12/2017 for an additional £1. This represents a saving of more than £100 (12 months' subscription plus an additional 2 months' subscription + VAT — See Pricing for the full range of costs).

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