How Much Will It Cost?

The UpToLet LITE App is a free download with which you can manage up to three properties, forever. If you wanted to manage more properties you can purchase the full UpToLet App for £25 from the App Store. This will work on your iPhone or iPad allowing you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Our property portal is available from only £1 per week. This allows you to manage and advertise your properties. You don't have to use the property portal to manage your properties - you can do this on the mobile app - but the portal does offer extended functionality and services (see below).

For a:

  • One-month's subscription it's just £10
  • Quarterly subscription it's £25
  • Annual subscription that's £52 - just £1 per week!

And that's it! £52 per year and, if you have more than three properties, a one-off purchase price of £25 for the mobile app direct from the App Store. Then you can manage all your investment properties without paying thousands of pounds of profits over to a lettings agent.

Extended Services Included With The Portal Subscription

When you subscribe to use our property portal you can upload the property information, including images, to allow prospective tenants to search for it - as soon as you've been given notice by the current tenant or by the expected date of refurbishment. This includes:

  • Prospective tenant searching and communication
  • Property advertisement
  • Contractor management and quotations
  • Setup rent by Direct Debit
  • Backup of your data if your device is lost or stolen

With your subscription you will also be able to see the profiles of prospective tenants currently looking for a property you are marketing and who are registered with us. This profiling allows you to see the prospective tenant's requirements, moving date, employment status and credit-check status.

When registering on the system, tenants are encouraged to perform a basic credit-check. This verifies the tenant's details and uncovers any adverse credit history. You will be able to see the pass certificate emblem that indicates that they have passed the Credit Reference Agency's checks.

You can setup and manage the rental payments by Direct Debit through and instantly get notification should any changes happen to payments.

The information you securely upload from your device - about the property, tenancy and payment history - is all saved for you so when you treat yourself to that new fabulous new gizmo you can easily download all your data to your new device.

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